Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

A Dark, Twisted Cinderella Story: Artist Camille Rose Garcia Holds A Black Mirror Up To Children's Classics | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

Camille Rose Garcia grew up beside Disneyland and evolved into an artist whose fantastical, colorful creations hold a black mirror up to classic tales.

Trodding along the seaside

"But how do we dance?", they ask. "We are but mannequins on display, elaborating or possibly just hinting times told, perhaps of rot and decay". The…

Artist Covers City Streets Of Poland In Intricate Lace Patterns | DeMilked

Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon creates traditional ornate lace patterns to decorate various corners of the cities. What's even more interesting, is that she embraces many different…


People are really nice in this country, but everything just seems so individualistic. I cannot tell if it is the temporary nature of my stay…
How not to paint your nailspic

How not to paint your nails

I've got the ugliest nails because I chew on them. I try to paint them to look pretty so that it isn't too bad, but…

Strange Days

England doesn't always seem to have gorgeous days, but when they do, it's worth the awe. This was taken at 2030 hours (8:30pm) a couple…
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Cyanide&Coffee Apr 09, 2014

CyanideAndCoffee on

I thought I would share my blog here to sort-of update people about what I'm doing. It's drastically different from what happens on Buzznet, but…
Cyanide&Coffee Apr 07, 2014

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

I  hate fireworks, but these were being thrown up into the air anyway. I have a whole lot of pictures, but this has a celestial…
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Cyanide&Coffee Nov 05, 2013

Rolling Stone cover with Boston Bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev, aka Jahar, is good journalism. (PHOTO)

"Rolling Stone has unveiled its next cover, featuring a dreamy photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and many people have erupted in outrage. Some…
Cyanide&Coffee Jul 18, 2013
Let's be Queerpic

Let's be Queer

With reference to the picture, I figure one can discover both, though.
Cyanide&Coffee Aug 23, 2012
At the Canalpic

At the Canal

Hullo. This is another picture of Qingdao. Still recovering from my trip. Have a whole lot of work piled up and I still need to…


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Cyanide&Coffee Jul 08, 2012

The Monsoon Visitors

Millipedes (and tiny snails) are in abundance during the Monsoons. Poor little things usually get crushed..
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Cyanide&Coffee Jul 05, 2012
Death of a Pigeonpic

Death of a Pigeon

This is an old picture, but for some reason, I cannot upload my pictures from my camera, so here. It seems so peaceful in death.


I live in a coastal State, called Goa, so our staple food is Fish, Curry and Rice. It is the monsoon now, so the fishermen…

People vs Society

This gallery relates to Social issues. It is named 'People vs Society' to indicate the difference between the two, and how it is the fromer…
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Cyanide&Coffee Jun 23, 2012
1. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roypic

#1. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

This is the first book I was reading when I realised that I wanted to do a 50 Book challenge. I started it in December…

Scary Children's Books in French

I just came across this set of French children's books, and they seem quite frightening, or at least overtly and not covertly so! They are…
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Cyanide&Coffee Jun 15, 2012
Studing Timepic

Studing Time

Since I am done with my final exams, I am back home, and have nothing to do. I have been keeping myself busy with a…
Nailed It!pic

Nailed It!

This was taken quite a while ago, and I cannot find the one straight off the camera, so this has been saved from elsewhere and…

Reclaiming Bisexuality

The Best Latex, Dark and Designer Fashion
Cyanide&Coffee Jun 12, 2012
Holidays and Storiespic

Holidays and Stories

I saw my friend take down notes as she read a book, and I thought, damn, that's a good idea. For someone like me, whose…

Thirsty Leaves and Cloudy Skies

Here's a picture of the only dried up plat in my aunt's garden. It started raining the other day, and hasn't stopped since!
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Cyanide&Coffee Jun 07, 2012


Well, here's another alcohol image! It was my sister's glass of whiskey. My sister noticed that the edge of the squre-shaped glass produced the refracted…
A Beer A Daypic

A Beer A Day

This was taken at a restaurant I had gone to with my friends. I guess if I had composed it better it wouldn't look as…
Summer Heat and All That Pollutionpic

Summer Heat and All That Pollution

My friends and I went to the beach, and found lying on the sand, the carcas of a turtle. It was quite large, really. Probably…

At A Crossroad, A GlitterBug Did Pause (PhotoAssignment: St.Pat's Day)

This shiny dusty bug was actually limping about. Poor fellow. I figure it was hurt, but what can one who knows nothing about insects do?…
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Cyanide&Coffee Mar 21, 2012
Dr. Seuss and Issuespic

Dr. Seuss and Issues

I was linked to THIS in addition. I think it's brilliant.  
Cyanide&Coffee Mar 18, 2012

Cultural Appropriation And Glamping

Here's something relevant and quite interesting a take, and many links added as well.
Cyanide&Coffee Mar 11, 2012
Stemming From Which..pic

People vs Society

This gallery relates to Social issues. It is named 'People vs Society' to indicate the difference between the two, and how it is the fromer…
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Cyanide&Coffee Feb 20, 2012
Z for Zodiacpic

Z for Zodiac

Virgo, The Virgin. I think that's all that's required to explain the concept. Theory: Mikhail Bakhtin - The Carnival Model. The tone is to bring out the…

UNHATE Campaign by Benneton

Benneton's campaign stired up some controversy when they released their unhate campaign depicting various male world heads locking lips. It resulted in the Vatican threatening…

L is for Lights

Touring forgotten villages, their glass lamps and wooden roofs. Had to post again! :$
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Cyanide&Coffee Nov 19, 2011

PETA vs. Women.

(Don't know when it was posted, but I think PETA is stupid anyway.) Need I say more?
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